Small Facilities Can Now Start with a Single EFS Storage Node and Build Out

EditShare announced the XStream EFS 200 and XStream EFS 300, new storage products based on the EditShare File System (EFS) scale-out storage platform.

Essentially, EditShare CEO Andy Liebman told StudioDaily, the new EFS models are replacing the company’s entry-level XStream ST and XStream HT — though those products won’t be eliminated outright in case customers have specific reasons for using them. But the new offerings allow users to start with a single-node storage system that includes the option of using EditShare’s Flow media asset management and Ark archiving applications and build out by adding more storage as needed.

“You can start with one box of storage, and then add another box and another,” Liebman said. “No matter how much you add to it, it remains as a single namespace so you don’t have separate pools of storage, you get an increase in performance as you expand, and there is no downtime as you grow. And you’re getting high-performance, enterprise-class features.

“When you get to three storage nodes, which used to be the minimum [for EFS products], you can have the final piece, which is no single point of failure. You can actually lose a node and all of your data is still accessible — your content-creation nodes won’t even know it’s gone.”

For new users, EditShare is offering a free upgrade to include the company’s Ark archive and Flow asset management applications, along with bundled Flow licenses with the first single-node EFS system purchased at a facility.