Faceware Interactive updated its Faceware Live real-time markerless facial tracking and animation software to v2.5 today. The new version introduces more stable face-tracking technology, a new interface for fine-tuning a live animation stream to amplify or suppress different types of movement, and command-line calibration options, Faceware said.

The company said the improvements are based on advances in Faceware parent Image Metrics’ facial-tracking technology, which has been deployed in consumer apps including L’Oreal’s MakeupGenius and Nissan’s Die Hard Fan.

“With technology advancements in CG, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, interactive marketing, and graphics processing, we’re seeing a growing number of inquiries for live CG performances and the ability to drive digital characters in real time,” said Peter Busch, Faceware Technologies VP of business development, in a prepared statement. “To deliver on that, the market needs face-tracking technology that is completely stable and tracks facial movements across a range of different conditions. With Live 2.5, we’re taking another important step toward making that future a reality.”

Among applications for Faceware Live 2.5, the company cited live performances incorporating digital characters (including those featured on “live-to-tape” television programming), digital characters interacting with patrons in real time on kiosk screens deployed in public spaces, facial animations for use in previs, and animated avatars driven by live-streaming performances in VR and AR, including training and chat.

Faceware Live was used to stream an animated Monopoly announcement over Facebook Live, and drives the Barbie Vlog, which reached two million subscribers earlier this month.

Faceware Live: facewaretech.com