Radiant Images announced a new partnership with AR/VR software vendor Uncorporeal Systems that will incorporate Uncorporeal’s TruVu cloud-based volumetric capture system with Radiant’s studio services and production support.

Volumetric capture — the practice of capturing enough visual information to rebuild parts of a 360-degree environment as a three-dimensional scene, rather than a two-dimensional spherical video — is being increasingly promoted as key to the future of VR. It dramatically improves the realism of an immersive video by allowing viewers to shift their points of view and see appropriate parallax effects, or to realistically view a person or object inside the 360-degree scene from multiple angles.

A volumetric capture stage.
Images courtesy Radiant Images

“It’s clear that the future of VR is volumetric,” said Radiant Images co-founder Michael Mansouri in a prepared statement. “After carefully evaluating all of the companies in the field, we determined that Uncorporeal’s TruVu software is the only solution that can meet our clients’ needs in terms of quality, portability and flexibility…. We’re already seeing strong interest from production studios as well as the medical and gaming industries.”

Radiant Images said it will help productions learn how to use the TruVu system by supporting set-up and operation on set as well as consulting on camera equipment and best practices for blocking scenes in 360-degree space. Uncorporeal’s TruVu software can be used with any camera rig, the companies said, and integrates game engines in order to make it easier to port content to different platforms.

Volumetric capture technology is associated with cloud services because of the computational requirements of analyzing the available data to recreate objects in 3D space. Lytro Cinema, for instance, has been clear from the start about the likely need for cloud-based processing in order to handle the data from its under-development light-field camera system.

Radiant Images: radiantimages.com
Uncorporeal: www.uncorporeal.com