Red Giant released Universe 2.1 today, updating the plug-in collection with six new text tools and updates to two effects.

The new text tools include Luster, which applies a metal sheen and glassy textures to text for vintage 1980s-style looks; AV Club, a kind of lo-fi filter for type that recalls titles applied to old videotapes or featured in low-budget, video-originated cable programming; Long Shadow, for applying a long, noirish shadow or a cleaner more stylized shape behind text or a logo; Ecto, for adding wobbly motion and glow effects to text that suggest otherworldly apparitions; Title Motion, based on the existing Logo Motion tool, adds animated movement to titles as they appear or disappear; and Glo Fi II, a fractal-based glow effect with its origins in the earlier Universe Glo Fi tool.

Other updates include the addition of text to the start and end points specified using the Line tool and a Holomatrix II update that adds blurs, chromatic distortions and strobe effects.

For more information, take a look at Red Giant’s video showcasing the new tools, below, or take a deeper dive into each effect in the latest clips posted at the company’s YouTube channel.

Red Giant: