Facilis said it has begun shipping TerraBlock Version 7, the latest version of its shared-storage system for content creation.  The new software allows facilities to run the new TerraBlock Hub Server, a performance aggregator that offloads processes from the servers themselves, increasing the available bandwidth.

The new Hub Server will be available to new customers as part of custom Hub Server Stacks, while existing customers can add a standalone Hub Server to their systems.

Hub Stacks include configurations that, combined with two or four TerraBlock units, deliver aggregate bandwidth between 2.5 and 3.5 GB/sec — enough to handle, for instance, 20-26 streams of UHD DNxHR HQ or ProRes HQ footage.

Chart showing number of streams for different Hub Stack configurations

Version 7 of the Facilis Shared Storage software also includes a new browser-based web console for system control, bandwidth monitoring and administration. According to Facilis, the complete list of new features in TerraBlock 7.0 also includes:

  • Facilis Web Console: Easy administration, bandwidth monitoring, volume creation and permissions management from any desktop or mobile device via web browser
  • Facilis Hub Server: Increased Bandwidth, Simple Administration, Seamless Dynamic Aggregation, Head Unit / System Redundancy, and Data Resiliency
  • Open Storage Attachment: Securely share 3rd-party SAS and Fibre Channel storage using the Facilis Shared File System
  • Automatic Connectivity Discovery and Failover: Web Console will discover Facilis servers on the network automatically, and failover to secondary connection methods.
  • Automatic and Persistent Mount: Clients will automatically remount mounted volumes after network disruption, or after client reboot with user login.
  • OSX and FCPX Character Compatibility: Facilis Shared File System on OSX is now compatible with all Windows-illegal characters. This provides improved support for Apple FCPX.
  • LDAP/Active Directory Login Support: Real-time AD/LDAP user and group support when using Facilis Web Console

One more note: version 7 is incompatible with TerraBlock servers sold earlier than June, 2011. Facilis is offering a discount in exchange for trade-ins of systems three years old or older. A discount is also available with a trade in of Avid ISIS or XSAN/Quantum StorNext systems.

Facilis: www.facilis.com