Avid has published the results from its first survey of the Avid Customer Association (ACA), which asked members to vote on their most critical needs in video editing, graphics design, media and content management, and more.

Voting took place in two rounds, spanning a period from December 8, 2016, to March 10, 2017, and Avid said the final results represented 6,500 unique voters representing 4,000 organizations in 109 different countries. The results were first announced on stage at Avid Connect 2017 on April 23, but Avid published the complete results on Friday. June 23.

Here are the top five critical needs as voted on by users of Avid Media Composer. Avid said three of the items are already in the queue for release in 2018, with the other two currently “under investigation.”

  1. Background Save: The ability to work uninterrupted while the app is constantly saving.*
  2. Live Timeline: Uninterrupted playback while performing other actions.
  3. Render Engine Distributed Platform Service: Create background rendering service that can also be used for mixdown and export.*
  4. Enhanced User Interface: Enhance UI, including font-smoothing, hover-scrubbing, “live” UI, and dockable UI panels.
  5. Timeline Audio Effects: Allow audio effects to be keyframeable.*

* Expected in 2018 release

Source: Avid Customer Association

Avid also asked customers some questions about emerging technologies, including IP networking and content delivery, VR and AR, and 4K UHD implementation.

Perhaps surprisingly, the results showed that, while a sizable majority of users expect to be working in 4K across their organization within two years, a significant minority — a little more than a third — believe such implementation is three years off or more. More than half say OTT and Internet delivery will be the most prevalent channel for 4K and UHD content, with theatrical/venue viewing coming in a distant second and cable and broadcast trailing.

Source: Avid Customer Association

Avid Customer Association Vote Results 2016-2017
Source: Avid Customer Association

And VR/AR didn’t fare as well as might be expected, with only about 17% of respondents reckoning the technology is “very important” or “important” to strategic growth. A strong plurality of 41.6% called it “not important.”

The full results of the vote have been published by Avid at the ACA website, which is accessible to all members of the ACA. Membership is free, and you have to join to read the full report.

Avid Customer Association: www.avidcustomerassociation.com