Ftrack is revamping its project-management system, renaming the software Ftrack Studio and adding improved planning features like a Studio Overview feature that offers what the company calls “a bird’s-eye view of every project and department across the studio.”

At the same time, the company is announcing the forthcoming Ftrack Review, a new streamlined version of the software strictly for review and approvals. The move allows Ftrack to enhance the capabilities and complexities of its core software without making the review-and-approval more difficult to access or understand.

Ftrack Review is built using a new framework that also provides a UI preview of the next major release of Ftrack Studio.

“Our close collaboration with clients have helped us solve the complex challenges creative teams face when managing multiple projects,” said Fredrik Limsäter, Ftrack CEO and founder. “The release of Ftrack Studio gives more visibility to producers and supervisors for improved planning and resource management. This makes production tracking over multiple departments
and projects a more efficient solution for studios of all sizes.”

Early users of the Studio Overview include Luma Pictures, where VFX Producer Michael Perdew submitted an endorsement of the tool’s ability to help a studio that’s running multiple shows across its resources as opposed to just one project.

Other features being added to Ftrack Studio include new resource management tools, like the ability to forecast capacity shortages or overages; the ability to add to-do notes requiring as part of feedback; a beta version of a new Connect API for integration with Autodesk Maya and Foundry Nuke, and updated integration features with CineSync.

The new Ftrack Studio features are available now. An Ftrack Studio license is $25/month per user. When it’s released, Ftrack Review will serve as an entry-level Ftrack option for $15/month per user.

Ftrack will demo Ftrack Studio and Ftrack Review at its booth #223 at SIGGRAPH from August 1-3.