Blade Runner fans are getting the follow-up they’ve long clamored for with this fall’s release of director Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. But first, the original film’s director wants them to do a little homework. Following in the footsteps of Alien Covenant, which was teased in advance through short films “Meet Walter” and “The Last Supper,” Blade Runner 2049 is being preceded by “2036: Nexus Dawn,” a short from Ridley Scott’s production company RSA Films and agency 3AM that helps sets the stage for the feature. Luke Scott directed from a concept by Ridley Scott and 3AM.


Client: Alcon Entertainment
Film: Blade Runner 2049

Agency: 3AM
Production Company: RSA Films
Director: Luke Scott
Concept: Ridley Scott, 3AM
Writer: Michael Green
DP: Pierre Gill
Managing Partner, 3AM: Alison Temple
Executive Producer, RSA Films: Jules Daly
Executive Creative Director, 3AM: Chris Eyerman
Producer: Hannah Ireland
Post Producer: Ashley Hsieh
Editor, WildCard: Nick Temple
Senior Creative, 3AM: Will Melton
Senior Creative, 3AM: Brian Alexander
Executive Director, Integrated Strategy, 3AM: Tiffany Duersch