The first Leica Thalia lenses, boasting a 60mm image circle designed to cover the full sensor of large-format cameras including the ARRI Alexa 65 and Red VV models, have shipped to customers, CW Sonderoptic said.

Among the first facilities to get their hands on the new sets are Keslow Camera and Otto Nemenz International in Los Angeles; TCS in New York; and ARRI Rental, RVZ and Ljud & Bildmedia in Europe.

Thalia data sheet [PDF]
Source: CW Sonderoptic

“Bringing the Leica Thalia lenses to market in strong numbers begins an exciting new chapter for CW Sonderoptic and mirrors the evolution of larger format cinematography,” said the company’s MD, Gerhard Baier, in a prepared statement. “With serial production now underway, we look forward to delivering more sets into more markets in the coming weeks and months.”

As a matter of fact, the new lenses are already working in the field, rental houses said. DP Yves Angelo, AFC, SBC, is using them on a new Red VV feature (presumably the Jean Becker film Le collier rouge), according to RVZ in Paris, and the Thalias are also shooting a major Alexa 65 motion-picture shoot in London, per ARRI Rental.

A set of Leica Thalias includes six focal lengths (30mm, 35mm, 45mm, 70mm, 100mm and 180mm) with another three (24mm, 55mm, 120mm) still set for future delivery.

CW Sonderoptic: