Quantum is the latest company to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to bear on workflow problems for content creation, announcing today that it has integrated aiWare, an AI platform from Veritone, in its Xcellis storage systems.

Bundling Veritone’s technology with Quantum’s StorNext shared-storage will allow users to leverage technologies including optical character recognition, object detection and speech-to-text transcription in on-premise storage. By keeping the AI processing behind the local firewall, Quantum said, aiWare adds new options for companies concerned about latency, cost or security when it comes to cloud storage.

aiWARE for Xcellis: AI Analytics for Media Content

“The integration of AI with on-premise storage enables organizations to apply cognitive analytics to video and audio content and generate much more robust metadata without the cost and hassle of moving their extensive media libraries to the cloud,” said Quantum Senior Director of Media and Entertainment Solutions Marketing Keith Lissak in a prepared statement. “This will be a game-changing capability for many media companies, as it opens up new realms of possibility for monetizing these libraries.”

News of the partnership was first announced at NAB, when Quantum demonstrated the technology and promised that a joint StorNext-aiWare solution would be in the offing.

Quantum said the technology could enable customized VOD offerings through automated tagging of existing content, faster search and discovery for post-production applications, and the ability to automatically tally all appearances of a sponsor’s brand name or logo, in speech or in text, in broadcast media and redistributed clips.

AiWare for Xcellis is now shipping, Quantum said. Three deployment options are available: an Embedded version aimed at small media repositories, for deployment on an existing Xcellis system; a Standard version, delivered on an Xcellis Application Director for improved performance; and the High Performance version, delivered on a souped-up Xcellis Application Director with more than triple the CPU cores and memory of the Standard version. Quantum said most larger companies storing less than a petabyte of content should opt for the Standard version, while those with multiple petabytes will benefit from the additional processing power and memory of the High Performance configuration.

Quantum said the system can scale as new appliances are added to the storage environment. Support for additional on-premise engines is scheduled to be added starting later in 2017.

Quantum is debuting the aiWare integration at IBC next month, where it will be displayed at booth 7.B27.

Quantum aiWare for Xcellis: www.quantum.com/ai