Targeting facilities that deal with massive quantities of unstructured data on premise — such as the media required for 4K collaborative editing and VFX work — Quantum announced new Xcellis Scale-Out NAS storage that it said can grow from 48 TB at the entry level to hundreds of petabytes with throughput up to 12 GB/sec per client.

Based on Quantum’s StorNext file system, the new scale-out NAS systems are designed for flexibility in both performance and capacity while maintaining advanced media and metadata management capabilities. Client access can be expanded by adding NAS nodes to the system, and performance and capacity is scaled through the addition of Xcellis shared storage arrays in a variety of SSD, flash and hybrid configurations.

The company said Xcellis Scale-Out NAS storage will be especially cost-effective when combined with object, tape and cloud storage in a multi-tier StorNext system.

Xcellis Scale-out NAS Workflow Storage

Xcellis Scale-out NAS Workflow Storage

“Media professionals have been looking for a solution that combines the performance and simplified scalability of a SAN with the cost efficiency and ease of use of NAS,” said Keith Lissak, Quantum’s senior director of marketing for media and entertainment. “Quantum’s new Xcellis Scale-out NAS platform bridges that gap. By affordably delivering high performance, petabyte-level scalability and advanced capabilities such as integrated AI, Xcellis Scale-out NAS is the ideal solution for migrating to all-IP environments without the need to compromise in any way.”

Quantum said its new Scale-out NAS systems will ship this month in configurations starting at under $100 per raw TB.