Lynx Technik is shipping its new GreenMachine Titan, a 12G signal-processing appliance aimed at 4K/UHD production workflow.

The GreenMachine appliance offers full 12G (3840×2160 60p) signal processing across four 3G channels as well as options for conversions between single-link and quad link video at 4K resolution. It joins the previously available GreenMachine Callisto, a two-channel device designed for frame sync and HD cross-conversion applications.

GreenMachine functions are unlocked via the GreenStore, where apps can be downloaded that address frame sync, video and audio processing and other functions, allowing users to customize the system with specific bits of required functionality such as frame synchronization, scaling, de-ineterlacing, audio processing and audio embedding and de-embedding. New apps will be launched and existing apps updated as new standards are introduced, the company said.

A system is controlled by software the company calls GreenGUI, which is available as a free download for potential customers who can play around in a simulated GreenMachine environnment.

Lynx Technik is offering the Titan in two turnkey configurations, both of which include the required hardware plus a redemption code for downloading a bundle of apps.

Still to come is the planned GreenMachine Europa, a promised eight-channel GreenMachine appliance that has yet to be assigned a delivery date.

Lynx Technik Green Machine: