DPs, DITs and data wranglers are getting a little more breathing room on set with the introduction of AJA’s new 2 TB Pak 2000 recording media cartridges for the Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Ultra Plus.

The new 2 TB Pak 2000 media is available in HFS+ and exFAT formats for $1,795, a premium of about 20% over the current price of the 1 TB Pak 1000 ($1,495). That makes the 2 TB media by far the best value on a cost/GB basis. AJA also introduced a new nomenclature for differently formatted Pak modules — model numbers that end in “R0” or “R1” are HFS+-formatted, and models ending in “X0” or “X1” are exFAT.

AJA Pak SSD Media Modules and MSRP

Pak 2000-R0 2TB HFS+: $1,795.00
Pak 2000-X0 2TB exFAT: $1,795.00
Pak 1000-R0 1TB HFS+: $1,495.00
Pak 1000-X0 1TB exFAT: $1,495.00
Pak 512-R1 512GB HFS+: $995.00
Pak 512-X1 512GB exFAT: $995.00
Pak 256-R1 256GB HFS+: $495.00
Pak 256-X1 256GB exFAT: $495.00

Source: AJA

“With productions rapidly embracing high resolution, high frame rate and multicam workflows, media storage is a key concern,” said AJA President Nick Rashby in a prepared statement. “Pak 2000 introduces a high-capacity recording option at a lower cost per GB than before, and with the performance and reliability our products are known for.”

The Pak 2000 media supports multicamera HD workflow via the Ki Pro Ultra Plus, holding more than four hours of 4K or UHD ProRes HQ material. That time can be extended by using rollover mode to transition to a second Pak drive during a recording session.

AJA: www.aja.com