Avid has begun shipping the Nexis E5 NL nearline storage system announced last month at NAB 2018.

The Nexis E5 NL is targeted at facilities that are increasingly concerned with managing media across multiple tiers of online, nearline and archival storage. It allows users to push non-active media assets to high-density on-premises storage using the same file system as online Nexis hardware.

Avid Nexis E5 NL

Avid Nexis E5 NL

“The addition of Avid Nexis E5 NL enables us to offer customers a comprehensive range of media-optimized storage solutions, from nearline to very high-performance all-flash SSD storage, all under one storage architecture and one file system,” said Avid Chief Product Officer Dana Ruzicka in a prepared statement. “With the hallmark scalability, redundancy, and reliability of Avid Nexis, this new addition will help media organizations manage multiple storage systems with optimal reliability, saving them time and money.”

As part of Avid’s software-defined line of Nexis storage, the E5 NL is integrated with Avid workflows built around Media Composer and MediaCentral and includes a web-based management console modeled on MediaCentral Cloud UX applications.

Up to eight Nexis E5 NL engines can be accessed as a single storage pool, meaning the system scales easily from 480 TB to more than 7 PB. Nexis E5 NL engines can also be integrated with other Nexis engines in a single storage system with multiple partitions.

Avid: www.avid.com