The latest cloud storage provider to embrace AI technology is Cloudian, which said today it has partnered with machine-learning specialist Machine Box to improve search functionality in customer archives.

Specifically, Cloudian said the two companies are jointly developing solutions that use pattern-detection technology to recognize faces, logos, landmarks, and other categories of content. Images containing those elements can be automatically tagged with metadata to bring them up more readily in search results.

Machine Box works right out of the box with pre-trained models, but can also be tuned over time using a customer’s own content, which should  greatly improve the accuracy of the results, Cloudian said.

The Machine Box technology can run in the public cloud or on-premise behind a firewall, Cloudian said, meaning sensitive data doesn’t have to leave a facility’s care to have its metadata enhanced.

“Media search is a major challenge for media professionals, as we saw at NAB this year, where 79 percent of the attendees surveyed indicated a desire to employ AI/ML techniques to accelerate the search process and improve results,” said Cloudian CMO Jon Toor in a prepared statement. “Combining AI with object storage allows all content, whether created in the past, present or future, to gain added value for increased profits and greater content flow.”

Machine Box: