Assimilate has released Scratch Play Pro, a redesigned upgrade of the Scratch Play media player it launched as a free download back in 2013.

Now billed as a “universal camera format player,” Scratch Play Pro is a desktop Swiss Army knife for video pros that offers playback in single-view, dual-view, split-view and A-B-view modes, with SDI output available via supported I/O hardware from AJA, Bluefish444 and Blackmagic Design. 360 and 180 equirectangular playback and ambisonic audio are available for VR previews on major HMDs, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other headsets that support OpenVR.

Assimilate Scratch Play Pro screenshot

Scratch Play Pro is up-to-date with a multiplicity of camera formats.

Support for new media types and camera formats has been kept up to date, including H.264 files (MP3, MOV and MXF) at up to 10-bit 4:2:2 and H.265/HEVC files at up to 12-bit. H.264 and H.265 decoding can be hardware-accelerated with Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Scratch Play Pro is designed to support look-creation and management, including ACES workflows, with the ability to import CDLs and CTLs and to import and export 1D and 3D LUTs. Color pipelines can be created to correctly display footage captured in different color spaces and requiring different transforms.

Scopes and more: Scratch Play Pro’s QC tools.

An array of review and QC tools are available, including the expected vectorscopes, histograms, curves, and waveforms. HDR10, HLG and PQ are all supported along with the ability to generate an HDR mastering report that includes MaxCLL (maximum content light level) and MaxFALL (maximum frame average light level) metadata.

And Scratch Play Pro can also be used to transcode files to H.264 or H.265 media as well as Apple ProRes — an especially handy feature on the PC, where Apple-sanctioned ProRes support is limited. H.264 export is supported for resolution up to 8K, making it a viable choice for high-resolution VR content. Material can be published directly to the web, YouTube or Facebook, including 180 and 360 video with the appropriate metadata for YouTube and Facebook.

Scratch Play Pro is available for a $19/month subscription or $199 one-year rental fee, or via site license. A 30-day trial version is also available.

 Assimilate Scratch Play Pro: