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Redrock Micro Shoulder Rig for Mirrorless Cameras

Redrock Micro Shoulder Rig for Mirrorless Cameras

You can make a mirrorless or DSLR camera easily shoulder-mountable with this basic rig from the camera-support specialists at Redrock Micro. Designed to help stabilize lightweight cameras in handheld shooting conditions, the system includes a “self-leveling” pad designed to mold to fit the shape of the operator’s shoulder. Two 12-inch 15mm carbon-fiber rods, two hand grips and four-inch handlebar rods, a handlebar clamp and a quick-release camera plate are included in the package. And, because Redrock’s mini rigs are built from modular components, the components of a smaller rig that you need now can become some of the components of a larger rig that you need later.

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Cinetics Lynx 3-Axis Motorized Slider

Jealous of those gorgeous, lush time-lapse videos that push the limits with precise and complex camera moves? The Cinetics Lynx was born as a Kickstarter project geared toward making an affordable motorized slide, pan and tilt kit that can get those impossible shots. Designed for both time-lapse and everyday video shooting, the Lynx consists mainly of a slider, slider motor, controller, and pan and tilt motors. The slider can accommodate up to a five-pound camera, can be configured at 24 inches long or 48 inches with rail extensions. And, at 12.5 pounds, it won’t add a lot to the load you carry into the field.

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Matthews Studio Equipment Dutti Dolly

Dolly grip James Saldutti’s design of a stable two-inch high dolly that can be used to move a full-size camera on smooth surfaces or rails was in use in Hollywood for years before Matthews Studio Equipment made a deal to promote it commercially. Now, it’s available to any production that requires a bulletproof, dolly solution. It’s a 20-inch by 24-inch aluminum plate, 1/2-inch thick, that rides about two inches above the ground on eight skate wheels and supports up to 800 pounds. It was originally used to capture dolly shots from lower angles than existing equipment would allow, but it can be used at other heights as well. (In one episode of Glee, it was used to dolly a camera across a plank that was balanced on multiple seat armrests.) The starter kit can be expanded on with accessories including bazooka and mini bazooka mounts, various arms and adapters, a seat-and-riser assembly, and more.

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