Assimilate today released a new version of its Scratch software that includes support for Autodesk’s Matchbox shader format, giving users access to existing libraries of free shader effects as well as the ability to write their own using the open Matchbox API.

Matchbox shaders can be imported to Scratch and used like effects plugins — added to shots as new layers or new nodes. Many Matchbox shaders are paid effects, but Assimilate noted that a sizable collection is available for download from

Scratch plug-in browser screenshot

Matchbox shaders in the Scratch plug-in browser.

Also new in Scratch v9.0 is a workflow for sending shots to Adobe After Effects or Foundry Nuke for advanced compositing work. The new “integrated bridge” provides a simple workflow for sending shots out to AE or Nuke and then quickly bringing final renders back into Scratch.

Scratch 9.0 ships with Beamr’s H.265 encoder, supporting H.265 delivery at up to 12-bit 4:2:2, and now supports hardware-accelerated H.265 decoding on Nvidia and AMD GPUs, Assimilate said.

Assimilate Scratch 9.0 is available for download from Pricing starts at $79/month or $650/year.