Red Giant upgraded Trapcode Suite to version 15 this week, introducing a new Dynamic Fluids system allowing artists to create particle systems that interact with a fluid environment in After Effects.

Trapcode Particular 4

Trapcode Particular 4
Red Giant

“The introduction of our Dynamic Fluids physics engine makes it possible to create particle systems that behave as if moving through a fluid environment and that interact with each other, producing stunning, organic results,” said Red Giant CEO Chad Bechert in a prepared statement. “This release will completely change the range of what artists will be able to create inside of After Effects, opening the door to new and more robust particle system animation, motion graphics and VFX.”

The Dynamic Fluids physics engine is new to Trapcode Particular 4 and Trapcode Form 4, allowing users to create effects that make particles and forms behave as if moving through fluid, with customizable forces and behaviors. An updated Designer allows particle effects, grids and objects to be created using adjustable blocks with preset settings and styles, providing visual feedback in real time.

Trapcode Mir 3 now allows 3D models to be used as Mir objects, meaning they can be deformed and repeated like other Mir surfaces, Red Giant said.

All of the Trapcode tools work in Adobe After Effects, while Shine, Starglow and 3D Stroke can also be used in Premiere Pro, Red Giant said. The full suite works with both Windows and Mac OS.

Trapcode Suite is priced at $999, or $199 for an upgrade from a previous version. (Academic licenses are available for $499.) Individual components can be purchased at prices ranging from $99 to $399. The new version is available now for download from the Red Giant website.

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