DJI just shipped a line of nine new sub-$200 accessories for its Ronin-S handheld camera stabilizer, including an external focus motor, a universal mount for attachment to a car, jib, or cable-cam system, and a handheld battery grip.

DJI Ronin-S external focus motor

The Ronin-S Focus Motor ($169) can be positioned against the focus ring of a manual lens to allow focus adjustment via the optional Ronin-S Focus Wheel ($59) with .02 degrees of accuracy, DJI said. The Focus Motor includes a gear strip for wrapping around a variety of lenses and a rod-mount set that actually mounts the motor on the Ronin-S. The Gear Strip and Rod Mount set are also available separately, at $20 each.

The Ronin-S Command Unit ($129) has a screen and control stick allowing operators to check and adjust motor parameters, operation modes and other settings without using a separate device.

Users can attach the Ronin-S Universal Mount ($179) to a car, jib, cable-cam system or other carrier via 1/4″-20 holes. Two DC-in ports on the mount allow devices like the Ronin 2 Dual TB50 Battery Mount ($299), or any 12-17 volt source, to supply power to the Ronin-S, DJI said.

DJI BG37 grip

When used handheld, the Ronin-S BG37 Grip ($99) offers 2400mAh of battery power for up to 12 hours of use on extended shoots.

If the Ronin-S is being mounted to a car, DJI now offers a Top Hotshoe Bracket ($49) to add more security when mounting a DLSR camera. An additional cold shoe is offered for mounting other accessories, such as the Ronin-S Focus Rod.

DJI Ronin-S GPS module

An external GPS Module ($69) increases stability during fast acceleration or deceleration, capturing smoother video and holding a more level horizon, DJI said.

DJI Ronin-S extended lens support

Finally, an adjustable Extended Lens Support ($20) can be used to add support underneath heavier lenses when used with both compact and larger camera systems.