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Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight

Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight

With a fully tunable range from 2,800 K to 10,000 K, Arri’s SkyPanel is a workhorse LED for pouring out huge quantities of soft light. The S60 falls in the middle of the SkyPanel range, weighing just at just 29 lbs., making it a good choice for mobile applications with a still-generous light aperture of 645 x 300 mm. Arri says it generates more brightness than a 2 kW tungsten soft light or 6 kW tungsten space light, giving it plenty of illuminating power. And for colored lighting, it offers a full RBG+W gamut with hue and saturation control for generating truly impressive color effects.

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Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color

Litepanels Astra 6X

Litepanels improves on the original Astra with a 50% brightness increase over the first-generation of Astra LED panels, and a 6x improvement over the classic Litepanels 1×1. Weighing about 7 lbs. (3.2 kg), the Astra 6X bi-color panel combines premium LEDs with custom optics to throw high-quality light on your talent in the field or in studio. It offers smooth dimming from 100% to 0 without noticeable color shift, and can be used with an optional Bluetooth module and gold-mount battery plate.

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Nila Varsa 2

The Nila Varsa packs the flicker-free 5,600 K light output of a 400 W HMI into a small package weighing only 11 pounds (with lens and yoke) and requiring just 75 W of power. This second-generation version of the Varsa fixture boasts a redesigned weatherproof housing with improved ergonomics. The beam angle ranges from 10 to 80 degrees, making it as flexible as it is light and portable.

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