Symply announced new configurations of its StorNext 6-based SymplyUltra storage platform designed for on-set Arri Alexa 65 workflow. The new systems will be available exclusively through Arri Rental.

“Symply and Arri Rental have worked diligently to provide a complete solution that meets the specific on-set and post production needs of the Alexa 65, combining speed and reliability into a compact and affordable package,” said Keith Warburton, CEO of Symply parent Global Distribution in a prepared statement. “The need to shorten the path from on-set to post-production has become increasingly more important to television and movie productions as they struggle to reduce the cost of storing and insuring raw content. The Symply ARRI Rental ALEXA 65 solution greatly improves the ability of directors and their associates comb through footage quickly and make critical decisions on viability of existing footage or the need for re-shoots.”

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Source: Symply

The SymplyUltra itself is a 2RU product designed for storing dailies, sound-synced H.264 files and look files, as well as providing a high-speed, low-latency storage workspace for on-set dailies grading. It fits into a workflow that includes the Codex Vault XL, one or more Mac Pros, Aspera file transfers, cloud dailies via Pix, and archive to LTO-7 tape.