Apple ProRes gained some more ground in post-production workflow this week, as Mistika maker SGO announced forthcoming ProRes support in its Mistika Technology software packages.

Upcoming releases of Mistika Ultima finishing software, Mistika VR optical-flow stitching software, Mistika Review clip playback and review system, and Mistika Insight, the educational and training version of Mistika Ultima, will incorporate ProRes support on macOS, Linux and Windows, the company said.

SGO Mistika

SGO Mistika running with a Precision control panel

“SGO strives to give its customers the very best experience from all Mistika Technology-based solutions,” said SGO MD Geoff Mills in a prepared statement. “Implementing official ProRes support is a true win-win situation enabling our users to work with and create ProRes media significantly faster than before and at the highest quality available.”

ProRes deliverables have traditionally been hard to deal with outside the Apple ecosystem. Assimilate Scratch was perhaps the first finishing system to license ProRes encoding in Windows software, back in 2014. But Adobe added ProRes export to its Creative Cloud applications for Windows late last year, giving the codec suite new inroads in PC-based post environments.

For its own part, Apple is doubling down on ProRes this year, as it discontinues support for QuickTime 7 and the “legacy media” formats it enables, including Avid’s DNxHD and DNxHR, in post-Mojave macOS versions. A Final Cut Pro update coming in the first half of 2019 will help users convert these “legacy formats” to ProRes, Apple said.