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Whether you’re just looking for a tough little number you can stick in a pocket of your camera bag or you’re in search of something a little beefier that can support storage workflow for a MacBook Pro or PC workstation editing 4K or even 8K footage, high capacity storage devices have never been so robust or affordable. (And, if you’ve got the budget for it, why not go SSD?) Here’s a selection of some of our favorite portable disk arrays that will help break up storage bottlenecks.

G-Technology G-Speed Shuttle

G-Technology fulfills the need for speed with its G-Speed Shuttle line-up of portable Thunderbolt 3 devices for video production. Entry-level systems with 7200 rpm HDDs deliver up to 1,000 MB/second sustained transfer rates, but you can get a configuration with as much power and speed as you need — the SSD version boasts sustained transfer rates reaching up to 2800 MB/sec for real-time editing or blisteringly fast file transfers.

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LaCie 4 TB Rugged RAID Pro

Sure, you can use it back at the office, too, but if you just need an indestructible box to take with you for offloading a few TB of footage at a time, the LaCie Rugged RAID is the tough-as-nails gold standard. A tech classic for years, the Rugged RAID got even better just recently, when a hardware overhaul made it slightly thinner and lighter and incorporated an SD card slot, which can make it much easier to move footage from your camera to the drive when working in the field. The Rugged RAID connects via USB-C jack; an adapter for use with standard USB 3.0 ports is included.

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Promise Technology Pegasus3 R4 Thunderbolt 3 RAID

Promise Technology Pegasus3

Promise Technology delivers speed and capacity at an affordable price with its Pegasus3 line of hardware RAID enclosures. Thunderbolt3 performance (with two ports for daisy-chaining) means they fit right into a 4K-ready workflow, and you can load them up with HDDs or SSDs, depending on how much raw performance you need from your drives. With capacity ranging from 16 TB to 80 TB, Pegasus3 offers plenty of configuration options to match your current media workloads. Promise even makes Windows-friendly versions for PC users with a Thunderbolt connections.

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