Longtime Cut+Run editors Frank Effron, Gary Knight, Pete Koob, Jay Nelson and Robert Ryang have become partners at the editorial house, the U.S./U.K. operation said today.

In making the announcement, Cut+Run noted that Effron was shortlisted for Editor of the Year honors by the Shots Awards. Knight is known for spots including “Can’t Judge a Book” for Mastercard and “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” for Gillette as well as genuinely unforgettable music-video collaborations with director Chris Cunningham (Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” and Bjork’s “All Is Full of Love”).

Koob edited “Click, Baby, Click!” for Adobe and short films promoting State of Decay 2 for Xbox.

Nelson has edited a Super Bowl ad each year for the last 10 years, including “The Chase” for Grey Poupon, which earned an Emmy nomination. (Nelson also edited The Bronze (2015) and co-wrote and co-edited the 2012 documentary Wild in the Streets.)

Ryang earned a commercial Emmy nomination for “Fans of Love” for Ad Council and cut the 2018 documentary short “Zion” for director Floyd Russ.

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