Cinematographer Giorgi Shvelidze Cited for Georgian/Lithuanian Co-Production Namme

The Polish-language film Cold War took top honors at the American Society of Cinematographers Awards this weekend, as its cinematographer, Lukasz Zal, received the award for excellence in a theatrical release.

For more on Zal and Cold War, read our in-depth interview.

Still from Cold War

Cold War

Zal was up against a line-up that included Alfonso Cuaron’s widely lauded work behind the camera for Roma as well as Matthew Libatique, ASC, for A Star Is Born, Robbie Ryan, BSC, ISC, for The Favourite, and Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF, for First Man. Zal, already busy on another shoot, was unavailable to collect his prize, but camera operator Ernest Wilczynski accepted the award in his absence.

Still from Namme


It was a good year, indeed, for the Europeans, as the ASC’s Spotlight Award, handed out to a film that did not receive wide theatrical release, went to Georgian cinematographer Giorgi Shvelidze for the Georgian/Lithuanian co-production Namme.

The award for Episode of a Series for Commercial Television was given to Jon Joffin, ASC, for Freeform’s Beyond season-two opener “Two Zero One.” Episode of a Series for Non-Commercial Television went to Adriano Goldman, ASC, ABC, BSC, for Netflix’s The Crown episode “Beryl.” And the ASC Award for Motion Picture, Miniseries or Pilot Made for Television was handed out to James Friend, BSC, for the first episode of Showtime/Sky Atlantic’s Patrick Melrose, “Bad News.”

For a recap of the awards presentation, visit the official ASC website.

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