Cinegy, an early proponent of software-based cloud playout systems, hit a new milestone with the announcement that its entire product line is 8K-ready.

GPU-accelerated Cinegy Air Pro playout software can now be configured for 8K playout, or optionally for four 4K UHD or 16 HD channels, and can run on AWS or Azure GPU-enabled cloud instances or “affordable mid-size servers,” the company said. GPU acceleration is applied across the board, speeding up functions including decoding, scaling, color-space conversion, mixing, effects, and encoding for the final output stream.

“We’ve applied what we’ve learned in ways that benefit Cinegy customers by integrating Cinegy Air Pro 8K with infrastructure-as-code software Terraform as well as visualization and analysis tools such as Grafana and Elasticsearch, plus Cinegy’s proprietary deployment tools and agents,” said Cinegy’s head of product management, Lewis Kirkaldie, in a prepared statement. “These integral components are what differentiate Cinegy Air Pro from just being another app in the cloud to being a powerful tool for creating and managing an entire global playout center in less than an hour.”

At NAB Show 2019, Cinegy will also be showing the 8K capabilities of Cinegy Multiviewer, which has received new GPU optimizations in its 8K release, and Capture Pro ingest. Capture Pro can capture 10-bit 8K video at up to 60fps, or can be configured as a four-channel 4K UHD capture system using the same hardware. Cinegy CTO Jan Weigner credited the company’s super-fast Daniel2 GPU codec with helping even older systems record 8K via inexpensive SDI cards from AJA and Blackmagic Design.

Another beneficiary of Daniel2 is the new Cinegize KVM-over-IP product, which uses Daniel2 to perform visually lossless compression on the contents of a graphics card’s frame buffer. Cinegize can enable an 8K remote session, to enable high-end visualization controlled on an inexpensive client PC, or for turning gaming PCs into sources for e-sport broadcasts.

All of the new Cinegy products will be shipping at NAB, the company said.