Edelkrone App

Need a dolly shot? Got a flat surface? Check out the Edelkrone DollyPlus, a new motorized, remote-controlled dolly that slides around your set in straight lines or circles.

The Edelkrone DollyPlus is controlled via the Edelkrone app for iOS and Android, which allows users to set “keyposes” and slide the camera, or to put the system in a loop between two keyposes.

Complicated camera moves can be achieved by using Edelkrone’s motorized HeadOne and HeadPlus, which enable panning, tilting, and auto-focus with object tracking and target switching. When the HeadPlus is connected, the app offers five-axis remote control, including focus.

Edelkrone said the system is also designed for time-lapse shooting, with the ability to record complex camera motions and use them as time-lapse moves.

The DollyPlus ($1,499 without $20 battery bracket) holds up to 30 lbs.; the DollyPlus Pro ($2,499 without battery bracket) can handle up to 45 lbs.

Edelkrone DollyPlus: edelkrone.com