Other New Tweaks and Enhancements Are Arriving Just in Time for NAB

Frame.io has added an array of new features to its video collaboration tool set in time for NAB Show 2019, including the ability to review multi-page PDFs — think scripts and storyboards — and a new “Reel Player” format for creating simple presentations.

The software’s newfound PDF awareness is touted by Frame.io as a big step forward, allowing studios to collaborate on pre-production documents in the same way they do shots from projects in production. And the Reel Player allows multiple assets to be arranged as a filmstrip to create an autoplaying presentation.

Other recently added features include a private comments feature making it easier for teams to keep private comments private while still interacting with clients outside the organization in the same project, @mentions for sending easy user notifications, a f.io shortlink system for friendlier URLs, easy account switching via new sidebar buttons, and new version management options.

An updated iOS app is now available for download, with a refined interface, and Frame.io has begun offering archival project storage and a simpler review page for collecting client feedback as beta features.

For the new archive feature, Frame.io is setting aside 750 GB of archival storage along with 250 GB of active storage; the high-resolution versions of projects may be archived while low-res proxies remain available in active storage. (The original project files can be retrieved within three to five hours, Frame.io says.) Once you outgrow those gigs, active storage can be expanded for $15/month ($156/year) per 250 GB, and archival storage for $10/month ($108/year) per 1 TB.

Frame.io promo video demonstrating new features.

Something else new at NAB is a dedicated Frame.io booth, its first ever at the show: SL2426.

Frame.io is priced at $19/month ($204/year) for a single seat or $49/month ($528/year) for three seats, with a $25/month ($300) fee for each additional seat. Larger enterprise customers with multiple teams can request custom pricing at the company’s website.

Frame.io: frame.io