With Live Dolby Vision Output Built In, It's HDR-Ready

Atomos announced the Shogun 7, a new seven-inch 1920×1200 display device designed for single-camera recording at up to 4K or live multi-cam recording and switching, with support for capturing four independent 60p HD-SDI streams.

To enhance HDR performance, the Shogun 7 uses what Atomos calls Dynamic AtomHDR, which is backlight technology that uses 360 LEDs individually controlled to create zones of contrast that improve the display’s visible contrast ratio. The result is a claimed 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, with intense 1,500-nit highlights standing out against impressive, inky blacks.

Atomos Shogun 7 product shot

Atomos Shogun 7

In addition to the backlight zones, Atomos said the new AtomOS 10 includes processing to send a live Dolby Vision (DV) image out via HDMI to a DV-equipped UHDTV display for preview when the device is connected via SDI or HDMI to an HDR-capable camera. Dolby Vision output is also supported from raw and log-encoded ProRes and DNx recordings.

“We set out to design the most incredibly high contrast and detailed display possible, and when it came off the production line the Shogun 7 exceeded even our expectations,” said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young in a prepared statement. “With multi-camera switching, we know that this will be the most powerful tool we’ve ever made for our customers to tell their stories.”

Rear view of the Atomos Shogun 7

Rear view of the Atomos Shogun 7

The device’s audio capabilities include a balanced XLR breakout cable for 48V stereo mic input and a 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring a stereo selection. 12 channels of digital audio can be recorded from HDMI or SDI.

The Shogun 7 is expected to ship in June for an MSRP of $1,499.

Atomos: www.atomos.com