Add-On Hardware to Enable 4K 60p Recording via SDI Input

Atomos announced the AtomX SDI module, a piece of add-on hardware that puts two 12G-SDI connections on the Ninja V monitor-recorder. That’s adequate to support video recording and output at up to 4K 60p, the company said.

The 12G-SDI complements the Ninja V’s off-the-shelf HDMI 2.0 connectivity, giving users more options for getting signals out of their cameras and onto SSDs in Apple ProRes and Avid DNx formats — and essentially turning the box into a pro video SDI recording, monitoring and playback deck.

Ninja V with AtomX SDI

Ninja V with AtomX SDI ready to record via 12G-SDI input.

Set to ship in May for $199, the AtomX SDI module has leapfrogged the AtomX Ethernet/NDI and AtomX Sync modules that Atomos announced at IBC last September.  “The AtomX Expansion Port system continues our use of the secure battery slot mount for additional high-speed connections,” explained Atomos CEO Jeromy Young in a prepared statement. “When we announced Sync and NDI, user feedback pushed us to make AtomX SDI a priority. So we’ve delivered it first, with NDI and Sync to follow shortly.”

Atomos said the AtomX SDI module is the size of an NP-type battery, with full-sized 75 Ohm BNC connectors. Each port can be set for input or output at up to 4K 60p or 2K 240p, and the Ninja V can play out over both HDMI and SDI, or through both SDI ports, simultaneously. Log, HLG and Rec.709 gammas are all supported, along with an option to simply burn in a LUT when time is of the essence.