In a nod to the increasing demand for top-shelf color services in the era of peak TV — especially from the 4K-friendly and HDR-hungry likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime — Santa Monica VFX studio A52 has launched a new color-grading and finishing department, A52 Color.

Colorists Paul Yacono and Daniel de Vue will be operating out of a newly built, color-centric space at the studio run by Executive Producer Thatcher Peterson, formerly of The Mill in Los Angeles. The studio has two Baselight grading suites with Dolby Vision certification for HDR. Grading services are offered internationally on a remote basis.

Paul Yacono and Daniel de Vue

Paul Yacono (left) and Daniel de Vue

“Color has been an offering within A52 with Paul Yacono for over half a decade, so it’s already an established part of the culture here,” said Peterson in a prepared statement. “And with Daniel joining us from London, the distinction of a52 Color to become a separate entity thrusts our services and superstar talent into its own spotlight.”

Yacono’s tenure at A52 has included such high-profile projects as Netflix’s House of Cards, the title sequence for Game of Thrones, and spots for Target, Nike, Toyota and Prada.

De Vue, meanwhile, joined A52 late last year after a three-year tenure at Glassworks in London. He’s worked with directors including Wally Pfister, Martin Werner and Andreas Nilsson and with brands including Principal Financial, Vans, Mercedes and Xbox.

A52 Color: