Sony said that SnapStream has been directly integrated with its Ci Media Cloud platform, allowing users to send clips from the TV clipping service directly to Ci Workspace.

SnapStream is essentially a massive, intelligent DVR that allows users to search hours of recorded TV footage for specific keywords and pull relevant clips for re-use. An example of a power user is The Daily Show, which mines the service for content it can edit into its own episodes as well as repurpose for social media and the web. Other Snapstream customers include CBS, HBO’s Last Week Tonight and the U.S. Senate.

Integration with Ci Workspace makes footage gathered via SnapStream available, along with key metadata captured by the platform, for immediate use in a customer’s existing post-production workflow. Because the metadata is maintained, searches can be performed on either platform, Sony said.

Sony provided documentation and support while SnapStream built out the integration following requests from its customers, according to SnapStream media CEO Rakesh Agrawal.

“The ability to clip material from SnapStream and have it readily available in our Ci cloud library to be used in post-production really streamlines our workflow,” said Rob Hedrick, director of broadcast operations and supervising producer for the National Hot Rod Association, in a prepared statement provided by Sony. “The NHRA moves faster than any other sport in the world and being able to acquire material at the same speed is incredibly valuable for our content team.”

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