DigitalGlue has ramped up capacity for its Creative.Space Deus EX hybrid SSD/HHD storage system with the use of faster, higher-capacity NF1 NVMe SSD technology.

NF1 is a new form factor for SSD drives developed by Samsung; it uses the same connector as M.2 memory but has larger dimensions that allow up to 16 TB of NAND storage to be packed onto each module. That means the Deus Ex can now hold up to 64 TB of SSD memory, a dramatic increase from the previous limit of 8 TB. A Deus Ex system can deliver up to 8,000 MB/second in aggregate to five workstations, the company said.

Illustration of a NF1 8TB NVMe SSD

Illustration of a NF1 8TB NVMe SSD

“Deus Ex was an amazing solution since its launch in 2018, offering the performance needed to allow the entire post-production team to work off the same system and work in parallel,” said DigitalGlue CEO and CTO Tim Anderson in a prepared statement. “Now with NF1 drives, we can offer faster speed, higher capacity and a less expensive price point than any other SSD technology.”

Creative.Space Deus Ex hybrid storage system

Creative.Space Deus Ex

The 4U, 24-bay Deus Ex is specifically designed to handle 4K DCI OpenEXR workflow and to support collaboration in DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Creative Cloud.

DigitalGlue sells Creative.Space under an on-premise managed storage model, priced at a fixed monthly rate. Deus Ex systems start at $1,995 for 200 TB of helium-filled HDD storage plus 4.8 TB of SSD.

Digital Glue: