Dody Dorn

Film editor Dody Dorn, ACE, is the latest electee to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Board of Governors, having earned her seat in a run-off election held this week.

An earlier vote had resulted in a tie between Dorn and Mark Goldblatt, ACE. It was only the fifth time in the history of AMPAS that a tie had occurred in balloting for the Board of Governors.

It is still a commonly accepted notion that the editor just “cuts out all the bad bits.” I liken editing more to sculpture. I don’t claim to be Michelangelo, but I like to think that, when I am watching the dailies projected for the first time, I am seeing the pure essence of the film and that I work toward preserving and presenting that essence in a form that is accessible while still being artful. — Dody Dorn, July 2004

Each of the Academy’s 17 branches is represented by three governors who may serve up to three consecutive terms of three years apiece. The Board of Governors is charged with setting the organization’s strategic vision, preserving its financial health, and assuring the fulfillment of its mission.