ESSENTIAL GEAR is a regular feature produced in collaboration with StudioDaily’s exclusive retail partner, Adorama. 

LED lighting has come a long way. A few years ago, DPs considered LED with some suspicion, unconvinced of their color accuracy, durability, or power in demanding situations. These days, they’ve become the light of choice in many situations, owing largely to their efficiency, affordability, and form factor. In this edition of Essential Gear, we take a look at some useful and versatile bits of basic LED kit.


Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color LED Light Panel

Litepanels improves on the original Astra with a 50% brightness increase over the first generation of Astra LED panels and a 6x improvement over the classic Litepanels 1×1. Weighing about 7 lbs. (3.2 kg), the Astra 6X bi-color panel combines premium LEDs with custom optics to throw high-quality light on your talent in the field or in studio. It offers smooth dimming from 100% to 0 without noticeable color shift, and can be used with an optional Bluetooth module and gold-mount battery plate.

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F&V K2000 Three-LED Kit

F&V offers this portable kit for shooters looking for an affordable three-light set-up with lightweight stands. F&V’s attachment system allows the use of barn doors, grids, softboxes and other accessories for light-shaping, making this a versatile kit for a number of basic lighting situations.

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Westcott Flex Cine 1×2′ DMX RGBW Mat

One of the joys of LED lights is their ability to be hidden on set — or simply incorporated into the production design. These durable but pliable, 1/3-inch-thick flat mats from Westcott can be hung just outside of camera view, concealed in a nook or cranny of the set (with the help of built-in magnets), or rolled into a cylinder to provide 360 degrees of lighting. And they’re compatible with wired and wireless DMX control, meaning you can apply lighting effects and controls via a mobile app.

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