Like everything else, lighting control is gravitating toward collaborative workflow, with the latest version of Arri’s Stellar lighting-control app allowing multiple users to adjust lights in the same project and scene simultaneously.

A new Live Sync feature, still in beta in Stellar’s new v1.5 release, synchronizes changes to fixtures in a lighting set-up as they are made, allowing users to collaborate on the same file. Stellar 1.5 also supports exporting and importing projects and scenes either wirelessly, via cloud-based file-sharing, email, message, or other methods.

iCloud Backup has been added to Stellar, giving users the option to automatically send back-up files to an iCloud account, where they can be shared across multiple iOS devices.

Arri said a few more features are new, including an option to delete all favorites, an improved UI for lighting effects, a black-out indicator for fixtures, and more.

Arri Stellar: