Assimilate released v9.1 of its Scratch dailies and finishing system today, adding new integrations with Adobe After Effects, AJA devices, Apple ProRes Raw, Avid, Arriraw, Foundry Nuke, and Red 8K workflow.

The company said playback and rendering is now faster, and GPU debayer is supported for real-time 8K Red workflow. Scratch now supports dynamic camera metadata for Arriraw, giving editorial and VFX a look at camera roll and tilt, lens focus distance, and other metadata on a frame-by-frame basis. Additionally, Scratch now offers presets for delivering web dailies that conform to Copra, Dax, MediaSilo, and Pix formats.

Scratch also claims to provide an extended array of metadata with its Avid MXF DNx output, including original sound timecode, which enables Pro Tools round-tripping in post.

Finishing workflow has been expanded with a new touch interface for color-grading, which the company touts as a unique approach to color. Additionally, a new color-space converter allows color spaces to be converted at any stage of the color and mastering process. A number of free Matchbox Shaders come installed with the system, as well as flow, diffusion, denoise and time-warp effects.

New versions of Scratch’s Foundry Nuke and Adobe After Effects bridges are included, with support for transparency and alpha-channel, making round-trip workflow easier and smoother. Assimilate said Scratch can now be a hub for the VFX process as well as the rest of finishing.

V9.1 of Scratch also adds support for the latest AJA SDKs for the Io 4K Plus and Kona 5, Apple ProRes Raw and Blackmagic Raw.

“A primary goal for us is to quickly respond to the needs of DITs and post artists, whether it’s for more advanced features, new format support, or real-time bug-fixes,” said Scratch product manager Mazze Aderhold in a prepared statement. “Every feature introduced in Scratch 9.1 is based on feedback we received from our users before and during the beta cycle.”

Scratch 9.1 is available for an $89/month or $695/year subscription.

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