Adobe added a new Speed panel to Premiere Rush, giving users the ability to slow down or speed up footage and adjust speed ramps with the option of  maintaining audio pitch.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Speed can be controlled by tapping a button at the bottom of the screen to open the Speed panel. Once opened, the panel displays a “Range Speed” percentage that can be adjusted on a slider to speed up or slow down a given section of footage. (A speed percentage can also be typed in as a specific value.)

The range that the new speed applies to can be adjusted by dragging handles on a clip in the timeline or in the speed panel with “Range” selected.

Speed ramps — which progressively speed up or slow down in or out of the selected range, easing the transition from normal to off-speed footage — can be turned on and off. While speed ramps default to a half-second, they can be adjusted to any length.

Rush also allows users to simply set a desired duration for a given clip and let the program adjust the clip’s speed to fit in the specified time. Adobe says this comes in handy for creating time-lapses.

A “maintain pitch” option in the speed panel preserves the original pitch of the clip’s audio, but can easily be turned off.

Adobe said any adjustments made in the Rush Speed panel will be transferred when the project is opened in Premiere Pro.