Show Producer Steve Dixon on How the Band Is Mixing Up Its Las Vegas Residency

Every day I get pitched by PR people to do articles and reviews on new products. New cameras, editing software, audio gear, monitors, you name it. I sort through what interests me, and if it does, I pitch it to my boss. Every so often I get invited to a movie premiere (I went to one red carpet event for Searching). When I got the email inviting me to go on a trip to Las Vegas and try out the new 1More THX-certified triple-driver ear buds at Aerosmith’s “VIP On-Stage Experience” I couldn’t say no, and my boss approved it. I even worked in part of my upcoming review of the Canon XF705, as I was shooting my interview with show producer Steve Dixon with that camera. I got paid to see one of my favorite bands from on the stage while trying out new technology in the form of 1More’s earbuds and Mixhalo’s iOS app. That’s cool! The app allows you to listen to the front-of-house mix or the same feed Steven Tyler listens to in his in-ear monitor during the show. Life is good sometimes! (Ok, so I didn’t exactly get rich off this story — maybe I just broke even after shooting and editing and writing — but technically I did get paid for seeing Aerosmith!)

What you get with the $750 to $850 “VIP on Stage Experience” package is a seat on the left or right side of the stage, about 10 feet from the band, a drink coupon for the private bar in the on-stage area, and the 1More THX-certified ear buds, which are sold for $80. You get to borrow an iPod specially set up for Mixhalo’s app. It was truly an amazing show. You’d never believe Steven Tyler is 71, the way he jumps around on stage. The band was great, and being able to use Mixhalo’s app to enhance the listening experience was a lot of fun. I recently used the same 1More THX-certified earbuds on an overseas flight while catching up on movies. They were so much better than anything else I ever used to listen to audio on a plane. For the first time, I was able to hear every word of the movie and not have to guess what was being said. I haven’t tried using them for monitoring a camera while shooting, but they will definitely travel with me on airplanes for now on!