North Miami’s 2C Creative integrated a CG shark and aquarium with a live-action shoot for another slightly surreal co-branded integration between Discovery’s Shark Week and Crest. [Watch last year’s promo here.] The shoot took place on a green-screen stage; a projector was used to generated the rippled lighting on the practical set that suggested the presence of a physical tank. “It was a real honor to get the chance to try to repeat — and hopefully build on — last year’s success for these two brands,” said 2C Design Director Luis Martinez, who made sure the shark was rigged to move in lifelike ways, in a prepared statement. “Going into this, we knew the expectations were already high, and our creative had to achieve a certain level, so this was a true challenge that we were happy to take on.”


Writer/Producer: Daniel Tripod
Production Manager, Discovery/Science: Nettie Ferrara
Vice President, Branded Entertainment: Michael Eisenbaum
SVP Marketing, Josh Kovolenko
Senior Manager, Discovery Ad Sales Marketing: Maddie Mulvihill
Specialist, Discovery Ad Sales Marketing: Adelaide Ancona
Vice President, Discovery Ad Sales Marketing: Mark Lewis

Crest Agency
Supervisor, Content Collective: Faith Lyde

President/Owner: Chris Sloan
Design Director/ VFX Supervisor: Luis Martinez
Creative Director: Ben Frank
Lead Editor: Victor Otero
Executive Producer/Design: Bob Cobb
3D Artist, Compositor & Color Correction: Dmitri Zavyazkin
3D Artist & Compositor: Andy Fernandez
Technical Operations Manager: Christian Santangelo
Assistant Editor: Williams Naranjo
Sound Design / Mix: Cesar Haliwa

Live-Action Director/Creative Director: Brian Eloe
Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas
Line Producer: Chris Stoerchle
Art Director: Greg Jackson