Steffen Wild

Steffen Wild will head virtual production at Technicolor, reporting directly to Kerry Shea, head of the company’s standalone Pre-Production Studio, the company said.

Wild, whose industry experience includes more than 10 years working with The Jim Henson Co. on its digital puppetry initiatives, first as a consultant and later as a VP and SVP, is an expert in adapting game-engine technology for use in developing new virtual production techniques. He has also set up VFX and animation studios in the U.S., China and Southeast Europe, Technicolor said.

“I’m absolutely excited that Technicolor is committed to virtual production as we are embedded into the mindset of filmmaking,” said Wild in a prepared statement. “The history of filmmaking that is in our company’s DNA and the fact that we can now extend our playing field from the very early stages of pre-production across all aspects of the filmmaking process to final color correction is an extremely exciting idea. MPC’s creative collaboration with Jon Favreau on The Lion King laid the groundwork for the new fabric of how we’re going to create and experience content in the future.”