Red Digital Cinema said today that its Red Ranger camera system will support the company’s Helium 8K and Gemini 5K Super 35 sensors.

First shipped exclusively to rental houses earlier this year as a high-end PL-mount camera with Red’s Monstro 8K full-frame (40.96mm x 21.60mm) sensor inside, the Ranger body is an all-in-one alternative to the company’s flagship modular DSMC2 system.

Red Ranger camera line-up

Red Ranger Helium 8K, Ranger Monstro 8K, and Ranger Gemini 5K
Red Digital Cinema

In short, the original Ranger will remain a rental-only camera, but it will now be available in Ranger Helium (29.90mm x 15.77mm) and Ranger Gemini (30.72mm x 18mm) versions to match the needs of productions shooting with Super 35 glass as well as full-frame lenses. Speaking of lens choice, both cameras will be available in EF-mount versions before the end of the year, Red said.

The Ranger Helium will shoot 8K (8192 x 4320) at up to 60 fps and 8K 2.4:1 (8192 x 3456) at up to 75 fps, Red said, while the Ranger Gemini will shoot 5K 1.7:1 (5120 x 3000) at up to 75fps and 5K full format (5120 x 2700) at up to 96 fps. As a bonus, the latter version of the camera offers Red’s dual-sensitivity Gemini sensor with standard and low-light modes.

“In collaboration with rental houses to bring the Ranger Monstro to market, we have heard great feedback from customers, inspiring these two new variants,” said Red President Jarred Land in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to offer the Ranger line-up to a wider variety of professional productions and look forward to seeing the amazing images that are created.”

The Ranger Helium will be priced at $29,950; the Ranger Gemini will be $24,950.

Red Ranger

Another view of the Red Ranger.
Red Digital Cinema

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