Vimeo launched a freelance job listings service aiming to connect brands and agencies with professional video creators on a project-by-project basis.

The new For Hire section of Vimeo’s website allows visitors to browse a roster of creative professionals by location, role (animator, cinematographer, art director, etc.), and project type (advertisement, corporate, product explainer, etc.) or to post information about a specific project, including budget and timeline. Vimeo members with a paid account can opt in to the marketplace in their profile settings by answering the question “Are you available for hire” in the affirmative. Specific roles — areas of skill or expertise — can also be specified in each user’s profile.

While available jobs are visible only to paid members, there is no charge for business to post job listings, nor does Vimeo take a commission or other fee on any hirings. The company said it doesn’t even offer a transaction platform, so any exchange of money doesn’t involve Vimeo at all.

“Every business, brand and agency today faces hurdles in producing video at scale,” said Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud in a prepared statement. They have a continuous need to make high-quality content on a frequent basis. Right now, they rely on informal networks and word-of-mouth to find the right people to make those videos, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Our new hiring tool fundamentally streamlines this process by connecting those in need of talent with top-tier video pros from our global creative community.”

Vimeo said For Hire is available globally and in seven languages.

Vimeo For Hire: