Zoom said its Zoom F8n and Zoom F6 field recorders had been certified for use with the Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic.

Both recorders incorporate Ambeo A-B software, which concerts the Ambeo VR Mic’s signals to the Ambisonics format. The Zoom F4 and F8 field recorders are already Ambeo-certified.

Zoom F6 Field Recorder

Zoom F6 Field Recorder

“We are delighted that Zoom’s F6 and F8n are part of the Ambeo for VR program, joining the Zoom F4 and F8, all of them extremely popular field recorders among VR and AR content creators,” said Sennheiser Director of Ambeo Immersive Audio Véronique Larcher in a prepared statement.

Zoom: www.zoom-na.com