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StudioDaily Prime Awards – Call for Entries
Entry Deadline: December 8 * Final Deadline: Dec. 15

Are you and your team pushing the media industry forward? Are you developing technology that drives more efficient workflows, or enables radical creative ideas? Enter StudioDaily’s Prime Awards and get recognized for your game-changing new products, cutting-edge thinking, and high-end craftsmanship. The winners will be recognized during NAB in April 2018.


NEW! Technology On Screen. This new prize recognizes the best real-world applications of the latest filmmaking technology and other resources. Were your new panels used to light up a superhero tentpole? Was your VFX software crucial to the season finale of the big premium cable show? Did your library music heat up a blockbuster movie trailer or omnipresent ad campaign? Let us know. Nothing proves the value of our industry’s tools and technology like the finished creative works they inspire and enable.

  • Cameras, Lenses, Grip and Lighting. Helping the camera department get great images in the can.
  • Audio Recording and Mixing/Sound FX/Foley. Sweetening the sound for that you-are-there feel.
  • VFX/Animation/Graphic Design. Manipulating the image or adding elements that take narrative to the next level.
  • Stock Footage/Library Music/Custom Score. The thread that sews a story together.

NEW! Bleeding Edge Awards. This just-introduced section of the Prime Awards honors achievement in tools and technology that help creatives map out uncharted territory and build out new processes and workflow. The Bleeding Edge categories include

  • 8K+ Production and Post. If it’s purpose-built for resolution higher than 4K, it belongs here.
  • HDR Workflow. Enter color-savvy camera equipment, on-set monitoring options, and robust HDR post-production tools.
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. From cameras and 360-degree mics to goggles and glasses, share your best VR gear.
  • Virtual Production. Let’s see your visualization tools for virtual cinematography, real-time animation, and live production in virtual environments.

The Rest of the Best. The rest of the Prime Awards Categories recognize the latest products in a broad range of categories covering the spectrum of tools and technology StudioDaily readers rely on every day.

  • Audio (Production and Post-Production)
  • Cameras
  • Camera accessories/support
  • Collaborative workflow tools/platforms
  • Dailies/File Delivery
  • Drones, UAVs and accessories
  • Displays/monitoring
  • Finishing/Color-Grading
  • IO/transcoding/encoding
  • Lighting
  • Lenses
  • NLEs and Other Editorial Software/Plug-ins
  • On-Set Recording/Color-Grading
  • Routers/Switchers
  • Storage hardware and software
  • VFX/Animation
  • Other/Uncategorizable

Editor’s Note: Is your product so specialized or out-of-the-box that it doesn’t fit into one of the categories above? Let us know by entering it in Other/Uncategorizable. If our judges agree that it’s award-worthy, we’ll give it its own category, or simply declare that there’s nothing else like it!

Receive the ultimate honor for your new product or major upgrade: a StudioDaily Prime. It ís simple to enter, and the rewards of being a Prime winner include recognition at NAB 2018 and coverage on and in the Studio Daily Fix e-letter. Your product and your team will be recognized in press releases and other announcements.


Who should enter? The StudioDaily Prime Awards are open to software and hardware vendors who serve the film and video production and post-production market; creative and technical talent working in the industry; and creative studios and other facilities that make substantial contributions to the filmmaking process. We want to hear about how your efforts are changing the face of the content creation industry, from the visual breakthroughs afforded by the latest technology to the advances in storytelling implemented by the most talented creative professionals. Tell us why your very best technology product deserves to be singled out and honored. Show us how your company’s cutting-edge pipeline has raised the bar among your competition, or how your creative work ethic has generated stunning work for your clients.

Who decides the winners? Entries will be judged by a carefully selected panel of production and post professionals who have experience in a variety of production environments and across a variety of media. The staff of StudioDaily will also assist in the evaluation process.

What products are eligible? Finished products must ship to paying customers (not beta sites) between January 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018. For the Technology On Screen category, the media in question must have been released in theaters, broadcast on television or via OTT and similar services, or streamed online during the same timeframe. 

What are the entry fees? The price of each entry is $325. Entries submitted between December 9, 2017, and December 15, 2017, add a $199 late fee per entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable..

When are the entry deadlines? All entries must be submitted by December 8, 2018, except as noted above. Finalists and winners will be honored in April 2018 at a special ceremony during the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Got questions? Contact Mary-Lou French at

When will the winners be announced? Winners of the StudioDaily Prime Awards will be honored at a ceremony during NAB 2018 in Las Vegas.