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Submarine Sandwich

Dec 10, 2014

If the famed surrealist animator Jan Svankmajer worked for ESPN, he might have created something like this weird stop-motion...

London Grammar “Hey Now”

Feb 27, 2014

Stop-motion animator Chris Ullens and string artist Sebastien Preschoux collaborated on this enigmatic video for a track from British...


May 23, 2014

Here are some animations of talking food synchronized to recordings of people talking about food. It just makes sense,...

The Maker

Oct 9, 2012

Writer-director Christopher Kezelos made this stop-motion-animated film about a "strange creature" and one very important task. The puppets were...

ShotPut Pro integrates with

Oct 24, 2019

The most recent release of ShotPut Pro 2019.3, integrates with the popular cloud-based collaboration platform ”Imagine Products’ integration with...

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