StudioDaily Panel Discussion during NAB
Women in Production & Post: Closing the Gender Gap

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 | 3:00 – 4:15 pm
Las Vegas Convention Center Room N235/237
FREE to attend for all NAB registrants


Join StudioDaily on Tuesday, April 10 for Women in Production & Post: Closing the Gender Gap, an insightful and inspiring panel discussion when we bring together accomplished women from different industry disciplines to discuss a variety of topics, including elevating the role of women in the content creation industry.

Women are constantly focusing, refocusing, pushing, pausing, inventing, reinventing, stretching and balancing—and growing every step of the way.

We’ll talk about opportunities and resources as well as challenges and limitations women are experiencing in the production and post workforce. What are some best practices to get you the name recognition and consideration you deserve? Our stellar panelists will share their stories and help you gain insight into what qualities leaders look for in the talent pool.

We will also focus on the gender gap and how to bridge the gap by taking advantage of resources that already exist, identifying organizations that are increasing opportunities for women, and sharing ways women can work together to increase their visibility and power in the business. We will be covering strategies for all career stages, from entry-level positions all the way up to the C-suite.

Men in our industry are invited to come and share ways that you and your company can close the gender gap and stand behind women in the industry. Join the discussion.


Elicia Bessette
Elicia Bessette
Annamaria Hall
Anna Maria Hall
VP/Head of Music
Licensing Sales
Killer Tracks, Universal Music Publishing
Hillary Lewis
Hillary Lewis
Live Nation
Payton List
Payton List
Workflow Producer
Sim Digital International
Elisabetta Cartoni
Elisabetta Cartoni
President & CEO
Deena Sheldon
Deena Sheldon
Emmy®-Winning Camera Operator

We’ll discuss:

  • Gains being made by women working in production and post-production
  • Available resources supporting women in our industry
  • Networking opportunities that keep women connected — and get them jobs
  • What you can do to improve gender parity in your business and beyond

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