Yesterday was REDmas eve. Today is REDmas day but we only get pretty pictures of what our toys will be. The RED announcements came fast and early this morning “Due to a pirated image” so if you haven’t seen what RED is offering up then point your browser to the announcements and read away. I posted some additional coverage over on the Editblog and ProLost has lots of coverage as well as everyone else on the net. Expect blogs and websites to be flooded with discussion over the next few weeks as everyone digests today’s announcements. One thing that I just noticed is that the “original” Scarlet concept as a self-contained, fixed-lens camera will be an option:

But then there is also a modular Scarlet option as well:

RED is really covering all the market with this little guy. IMHO Scarlet is more revolutionary and more game-changing than the RED ONE or Epic. All will be told when they finally ship.