You are invited to partner with StudioDaily in 2018 on many of our high-caliber products that serve the production and post professionals. StudioDaily is the leading source of news in the industry, offering a wide range of resources, from e-newletters to various online community opportunities. StudioDaily offers limited sponsorship opportunities online and in-person, so please reserve your space early. Consider these outstanding lead generation, branding and business building opportunities:

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Web Site

StudioDaily is the leading source of news, opinions and best practices for the digital content creation market. Featuring a mix of original reporting, expert reviews and tutorials, and interviews with leading creatives, StudioDaily keeps readers up-to-date on critical workflow developments, product releases and new and emerging creative techniques. StudioDaily focuses on craft and workflow innovation in the production of movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos, with analysis that highlights new gear as well as the legacy and workhorse tools that our readers use every day.

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E-newsletters and Special Reports

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This popular daily e-newsletter delivers timely stories to more than 40,000 production and post professionals. Each edition includes fresh editorial, our top video pick for the day, and aggregated content from around the web curated by our editors.

Published: Every Business Day

Show Issues

Studio Show Issues are e-newsletters that throw the spotlight on the industry’s three biggest shows: NAB, SIGGRAPH, and IBC. Two pre-show issues will collect product announcements and market analysis leading into each show and help readers formulate their agendas as attendees.

“Live” Show Issues will be published during each event, featuring breaking news from the show floor. A wrap-up issue will present even more news from the show, bringing the most significant technology announcements into perspective.

The Show Issues are an ideal advertising environment for generating pre-show buzz, driving attendance at your booth, and maintaining heightened interest in your products after the event. Your ads will also appear in special sections of the site dedicated to show coverage, maximizing their exposure. But space is limited.

Special Reports

Studio Daily Special Reports are e-newsletters featuring expanded coverage of selected topics, providing exposure to readers who are deeply engaged in those specific subject areas. Coverage will include information on product launches, interviews with executives and power users, and analysis of industry trends. These issues are a great way to target your message. Delivered to over 66,000.

 Virtual Reality Production and Post
Issue: April 5 | Closing Date: March 31 • Issue: October 4 | Closing Date: September 29
 Stock Footage/Music Libraries:
New collections, special deals, and case studies highlight innovative uses of stock footage and library music in top projects.
Issue: April 19 | Closing Date: April 14 • Issue: July 12 | Closing Date: July 7 • Issue: October 18 | Closing Date: October 13
 Cameras, Lenses and Lighting:
NAB product announcements and more come under the spotlight in this look at the latest imaging technology.
Issue: May 10 | Closing Date: May 5 • Issue: August 23 | Closing Date: August 18 • Issue: November 1 | Closing Date: October 27
 Live Streaming:
The latest in live production for webcasters.
Issue: May 24 | Closing Date: May 19 • Issue: November 15 | Closing Date: November 10
 High-Res Workflow – 4K and Beyond:
What does it take to handle real-time production and post for compressed and uncompressed 4K, 8K, HDR, VR, and more? We look at the latest.
Issue: June 7 | Closing Date: June 2 • Issue: September 6 | Closing Date: September 1 • Issue: November 29 | Closing Date: November 20
Storage, Networking and Infrastructure:
SAN and NAS, hybrid cloud and hybrid flash, nearline and offline — we’ll help break down the options.
Issue: June 21 | Closing Date: June 16 • Issue: September 20 | Closing Date: September 15 • Issue: December 13 | Closing Date: December 8
Workstations and Graphics:
Build the perfect beast with our look at the latest GPU-accelerated powerhouse options for your desktop and laptop.
Issue: August 9 | Closing Date: August 4


Present your best webinar topic and give attendees the chance to pose their questions to your experts. Includes marketing exposure and quality leads.

Sponsorships are exclusive for each webinar. Benefits include unparalleled exposure via online and email promotions, provision of attendee list and a moderating role if desired.

Our upcoming and archived webinars feature moderated panels of industry experts discussing best production and post practices in relation to 3D, HDSLR filmmaking, compositing, file-based workflows and much more. Each live webinar gives attendees the chance to pose their questions to our experts via a chat window within the webinar interface.

E-mail Blasts

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Content Marketing

StudioDaily allows you to create, distribute and measure your content cost effectively with our dynamic content marketing platform.

Our content marketing platform allows you to manage all of your content in one place. From social media, to blog posts, to placing articles on our e-newsletters. In a nutshell: Your content is put in front of our targeted audience!

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Resources Available to You:

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  • A full product buyers guide for unlimited products/services

Amplify your leads!

StudioDaily gives you the opportunity to send your targeted messages to our targeted audience. Open rates for third-party messages are competitively high, averaging at 16.9%, which is comparable to the open rates of our most popular editorial e-newsletters.

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Bring articles to life by integrating multiple content assets into one unique format.

Cascade is a long form, featured content article that engages the reader, across devices, through the use of responsive web development and in-depth story telling.

With Cascade you will:

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Contact Information

For all questions regarding advertising and sponsorship opportunities:

Jonathan Toback at or 973.557.6915